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Translation from Russian into English
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Translation from Russian into English

English is my third language and though I can not offer the linguistic perfection of the text, I am able to guarantee though an exact understanding of the source information, providing you with hundred percent correct content.

In general my technical translating expertise includes specifications and user manuals for consumer and industrial electronics, telephone systems, metal processing machines, electronic products software and even welding techniques : )

Specially vast experience I have accumulated in the field of hydrocarbons (surveying, exploration, drilling). Those translations were made for the leading European companies and included Tender Documentation, descriptions of current and historical well operations and reports on surveying.

My offer is aimed at corporate clients. I specialize in the following subjects translating from Russian into English:
  • Businesse
  • Legal (Contracts)
  • Oil/ Gas/ Geology
  • Technical translations
You can always contact me by the telephone or by e-mail to discuss the subject you are interested in.