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When I try to guesstimate how many (more or less) contracts I have translated during those last years, I can could only say, quite honestly: "a sea of contracts".

As a newcomer I started from the contracts as it was much-in-demand type of texts. Multi-storeyed sentences of american-origin documents firstly seemed impossible to comprehend, but became more easy and understandable as the years went by. Nevertheless "my heart's in the highlands" of British jurisprudence, as its clear logic and laconical form corresponds to my personal reasoning best of all.

There is one more essential thing worth to mention: substantial part of Russian-origin contracts still contain many specifics, tangled phraseology, cliches, and cumbersome sentences from Soviet era. Since I got my education in eighties, I fully understand every word and any reference in those documents and able to communicate them to my Clients in clear and transparent way.

If you need an experienced, professional legal translator, you most likely found him (her) already : )) !