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Translation from Russian into English
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Some highlights:

Native Russian
· Former University lecturer
· Over 3500 documents translated
· Technical, legal and other
· My translations of English poetry:
A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns
Laughing song by William Blake

Wersja Polska: Tlumacz rosyjski

Russian language translator: true professionality and uncommon diversity


Let me introduce myself: Olga Grzybowska, a
  • competent
  • responsive
  • exceptionally hardworking
  • creative
  • native Russian
  • freelance translator
  • with 15 years of experience : )

Actually, the above listed is nothing special for a freelance, because if you are not such a person, you have nothing to do in this kind of activity...
What is really "special" about me is unbelievably comprehensive eductation and professional experience. Yes, until unpredictable currents of occupational quest brought me to translatons in 2005, I changed many professions, never keeping them for more than 1-5 years: lecturer of microeconomy at the State University, plasterer, business-planning consultant, tailoress, manager of Fasion Center, web-designer, marketing specialist at confectionary manufacturing company, etc. I never assumed that one day my experience, all my skills and knowledge become crucially important, useful and enable me to work as a translator!

Occupation resulting from education is very important - without any doubt, but linguistic skills cannot provide you with versatility! Translator today is not a person, who "just translate". You should have a practical knowlege in translated subjects, you should work quickly and precisely, you should know exactly where to check or find professional terminology. Most of my clients have terms not for "tomorrow", but for "yesterday"! Thanks to my extensive knowledge and Internet search skills I am able to find and proof the necessary terminology in a very short time.

Since 2005 my professional activity is focused on translations into Russian from English and Polish. Having working experience in different domains of business, I perform translations in wide range of subjects. I offer economic translations such as business contracts, agreements, offers, financial reports, as well as technical translations, texts related to oil-gas-geology, medicine, IT and other.

Texts for translation are best forwarded by e-mail or fax in any text, graphic, PDF or PPT format. The guideline cost of translation can be estimated by yourself prior to the service on the basis of the price list posted here, or just by sending your text for a quotation.

Contacting me
My residence is in Poland (GMT +0100). You can contact me by email or telephone. Usually I reply the within a few hours. For urgent enquiries you can call my mobile number +48-691-91-86-40.

Olga Grzybowska
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